Auto pilot activation issues

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20.2 (465)

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Iphone 7 +


In this new version I found the issue with activating AP for all types of aircraft models. The issue is that once airborne, immediately after AP being activated, depending on the control sensitivity of pitch you set, the aircraft may be very unstable, manifesting in immediate extremely large pitch angle that leads to stall, or, immediate sink.

I tested this across all types of aircraft and found that it happened to them all.

In general, if the pitch sensitivity is set low, then the aircraft is mostly likely ran into stall. However, I found that manual adjustment of trim may help this issue partly.

Steps to reproduce

  • Launch IF
    *_Pick any type of airplane and do normal take off procedure
    *_Active AP once airborne

Expected results

Large pitch angle or sink

Actual results

As expected

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Your post is my broad, do you perhaps have a video or screenshot? Doesn’t seem to be a beta issue, though.

This might have to do with when you engage A/P. If you are going too slow, and you engage A/P, your aircraft will pitch wildly or stall, especially when turning (with LNAV activated). I could be wrong.

Anyway, try flying each aircraft within their correct operating parameters (good KIAS, and good V/S) before engaging A/P. Also, staff have said to fly as you normally would, no need to change pitch sensitivity in the settings for beta.

Thanks for your reply.

Actually I used to fly in low sensitivity in pitch and had no problem when engaging A/P.
I did 100% the same thing in this version but found difficulty in stabilisation when I engage A/P after take off.

This seems better if I make pitch more sensitive, to which I dont normally prefer…

Is this an issue you’ve experienced as a part of this update, or have you been experiencing this for some time? There’s already a logged issue which reports this behaviour that you’re experiencing, but it’s back from 20.1 beta.

Thank you for your message.
It is found in 20.2, it was fine in 20.1.

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I can’t say I’ve had the autopilot have issues for me in the 20.2 beta. Could you please share the replay using so I could have a look at the issue you are seeing. If you could also let me know at what time in the replay the issue occurred that would be great

Sure, no problem. I will make one video and let you know details once it is done.

Just to be clear, I would like the replay file itself, not a screen recording.

Yes i will send through the relay not screen recording. Thanks


I have just uploaded the file with the share code: USPZQIGDGB.

This replay has two take-offs, both are in exactly the same conditions (flaps, aircraft model, weather, taking off speed, taking off angle and etc…).
The pitch sensitivity is high for the first take off while it is low for the second.
For both take-offs, A/P is activated at around 400ft after taking off.

There is a smooth transition to A/P for the first one, but clearly, a very unstable for the second take off, resulting from a very sharp pitch angle after the activation. This issue applies to all types of aircraft.


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I had the same problem, even with the low pitch sensitivity in two takeoffs with the 777w.

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Noticed this as well… trying to better understand in my next flight. Otherwise AP much improved!!!

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I’ve had nothing so far… Too early rotation or too slow climb maybe?

Im experiencing the same issue


Yes I can clearly see they’ve improved A/P code apart from this issue!

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It is possible to reproduce the issue with the plane stopped.

1- choose the altitude on the AP
2- tilt the iPad to increase the pitch.
3- click to activate the AP.

I watched the replay. It will be smoother if you engage AP ALT instead of AP VS. If you’re above your intended VS it will jolt up then down to the correct VS. Same as what happens in RTM.

Able to reproduce this. When disabling the AP in the final for landing, the problem was repeated.

Callsign: PP-CBE
Device: Motorola One | Android 10
Version: 20.2 (985)
Account linked to IFC.

AP disconnection has always been a connection because AP doesn’t adjust trim.

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