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I don’t know if this is the correct name, but it kinda describes what it is. It would kind of be like ForeFlight except in game (and more afordable) You’d turn it on, set a cruise altitude and speed, then it would fly up to those speeds and altitudes while following your flight plan. This way when Global Flight comes out, we don’t have to sit at our phones for 13 hours waiting to arrive on the other side of the ocean. We could leave it on while we slept, went to school/work, went somewhere, etc. Would anyone use this?

Don’t tell me this already exists with ForeFlight/Live Flight or other programs!

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Kind of like autonav?

Ah, that’s the word!

It’s currently built into liveflight for windows but I would like it actually being in the game as well.

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It’s called LNAV/VNAV :)


There’s already a feature request for the autopilot to follow your flightplan (LNAV/VNAV) here :)

@carmalonso’s LiveFlight Connect program has an autonav feature