Auto-LPM Lagging

Question: I have been using Auto-enable Low Power Mode on IF and every time I do my flight, 20 seconds after takeoff it automatically becomes enabled and when that happens IF becomes really laggy to the point where I can barely tell if I am flying or not. Does anyone have this issue?

Low power mode brings down the FPS [frames per second] of Infinite Flight significantly in order to take pressure off the CPU, ultimately allowing Infinite Flight to lower its batter usage.

Is this the “lag” you’re talking about?
If so, it is intended for the above reasoning.

Additionally, you are able to disable low power mode if you’d like, then re-enable it during cruise so battery is conserved when you’re not at your device. Consequently, you don’t need to experience this “lag” whilst actively flying.


Okay thank you @Luke_M

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