Auto land

Just a quick question. As of the latest update, which planes will have auto land?

A320 family
B777 family
B787 family

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Does the auto-land work now (it was verrrrrrrrrrryyyyyy bumpy before)?

It should work fine. (I’m on iOS by the way so I’m using what android users say)

All 787, 777, a320 family, 737BBJ IDK About the rest😂😂

Are you sure about citation X last time i checked it didn’t but let me check now…maybe it was fixed

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Do you mind taking a screenshot cause mine doesn’t… I already updated it…only the physics got reworked… The playstore description is misleading

From who?well the playstore description says so but i dont have it…even after the fix…:'( it’s time i contact support

I’m feeling weird right now after i thought my update was perfect…aarrgh not again!..someone with android please intervene

I hope thats one huge typing error!

LOL well playstore isn’t someone…that’s the answer of from where! :p

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image that statement’s not clear

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