Im 10 miles out and all configured to land. I set the appr to auto land and the throttle cuts and I loose speed and the n all hell breaks loose trying to get back to a glide slope. What and I doing wrong?

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Delta 490

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You should never use Auto-Throttle im going to assume you are during landing. Try using manual throttle.

Here is a guide for APPR. If you feel like you are having a continuous issue that is not resolved, please post a short clip of your landing using APPR if you can.

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Well during an autoland you should but it does act kinda weird if you aren’t stable from the start. I recommend to everyone that they manually land, a harsh landing is better than a crash…

APPR has crashed me on multiple occasions

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I also use autothrottle in appr-mode and I had the same problem… Try to wait until the aircraft is a little above the Glideslope and then switch to APPR-Mode… I think this should fix the problem as i didn ´t have during the last flights!

The auto land does not control auto throttle so you most likely turned off your auto throttle

Yes try to use your manual power and look up some speeds that are best for the particular aircraft your are flying you don’t want to stall and you don’t want to float

I have this weird idea. Let’s wait for the OP to get back with us instead of giving unwarranted advice and repeating what a previous poster already wrote please.