Auto Land tutorial vid please

I would be amazing if someone could make a tutorial on using the new auto land feature and put it on youtube :)

look it up on YouTube, I’ve seen a few of them posted already. Sorry I can’t get a link right now, I’m in class.

Check this tutorial out.

Calm down dude :o)

Not on a CATIIIB approach the pilot won’t.

I am sorry but an ILS can do an autoland if ATC accepts.

Not only CAT IIIB - even CAT I can do Autoland.

AP doesn’t disconnect by itself. Only during non precesion approaches when the plane reaches MDA - 50ft (will have to check it back in the F-COM).

When flying an ILS, AP will never disconnect. If you leave it ON, FMGS will think that you want to do an Autoland.

By the way, please don’t say you know everything on the 737. Even pilots don’t know everything about the plane they are flying - they know what they need to know. Not everything.

Please check/read some tutorials on how ILS approaches work.



Indeed. On a 737 if you want to do an autoland then you engage both autopilots and away you go. There is no need to disagage the autopilots until you land. This could be under CAT I, II, or III conditions. However, typically you would only do an autoland when necessary under CAT III conditions. Under normal CAT I conditions you would have only one autopilot engaged, then disengage it at some point during final, and landing manually.

As @AF330 noted, autopilot doesn’t disengage itself whist in flight (well under certain conditions it does but they are not normal scenarios).

@MarshallRotar perhaps you didn’t notice the pilots disangage the autopilot themselves in the sim, there is actually a pushbutton on the yoke which is used so it may have not been obvious to you. Anyway, glad to see you taking an interest in 737, I have a few hundered hours on 737-800 fixed based sims myself so I like the airtcraft a lot, it is a good one to learn on. However, I think you need to keep learning and listen to those who have a bit more experience and want to pass some knowledge on to you.


A video has been added in my tutorial incase you are still looking for one.

Autoland in use until landing

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