Auto land tuorial

The Auto land system is coming mabey the next update but in the mean time this is a make shift auto land system using the existing auto pilot:

First, here I am on right downwind for runway 24L and KLAX at 4000ft.

Then make sure you extend the downwind so you have some space to correct yourself if you miss the approach path.

Then on the base turn descend and maintain 2500ft. On final, fly runway heading until established in the LOC, now this part is a bit tricky: set the altitide in the AP to 0ft and the VS to 0FPM, when established on the glidesplope, set the VS to 700 or 800, what ever keeps you steady.

monitor the AP and make changes to the VS, HDG and auto thrust if you need to. You can take over at any time. The ideal time to take over is 100FT AGL as the auto VS dosen’t flare very easily.

This can only be done if the runway has an ILS. If there is something I’m missing here let me know but I have been using this in low visibily in IF for a while now.

P.S. for those geeks out there I used a southwest 737-700.
Hope this helps.


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thanks for that

You can set the plane to “auto flare” by setting the “ALT” to a value closest to below the elevation of the runway. For example, if the runway is at 432 feet, set “ALT” at 400 feet.

Here are some examples where I set the HDG, VS, SPD, BRAKES, and ALT at 3 miles from the runway, and allowed the plane to land without any other inputs from myself.