Auto land issue

Hello again,
So I was doing a recreational flight from LaGuardia airport to Charlotte Douglas airport Cactus 1549 on the Airbus A320 and when I was getting ready to land I always activate APPR and I disengage it when I’m 2000 feet to manually land it and when I activate it, I’m on centerline and I’m on glide slope ,but ever time I activate it, it goes up and down over and over again and it’s pretty annoying. I use APPR for the Boeing planes like the 737’s and they work good so I don’t know if it’s me or something?

When you activate auto land too early, as it gets close to the diamond, it goes up to try and fix itself to the middle. It’s completely normal, and it will fix it self in a few seconds and descend back to normal. If you want it to happen less, try to turn on APPR when the diamond is either on the middle or below.

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First things first ensure you recalibrate every time before you disengage A/P
Also ensure that to minimise the movement of your elevator you should try to have trim on 0% and try to pitch for a slightly nose-down attitude

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