Auto Land Goes Crazy In Replay Mode

If you put on auto land, then go into replay mode, when you click the live button, the plane’s nose spikes up and throttle goes to 100%.
Device: IPhone 5s
Version: IOS 8.3


That’s odd…

I’v had this too…

The planes pitch increases because it’s lost high and need to get back on the glide slope. The throttle increases because the airspeed drops this is a result of the increased pitch.

After a few seconds the plane regains its position on the glideslope and the throttle relaxes.

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But how does the plane get off glide scope if I never disabled auto land the entire time

I have no idea, the transition between the replay back to live messes it up.

It says it the glide scope is right on target when I click live but then the plane’s nose just goes up

You’ll need to ask someone who actually knows what’s happening, I’m just saying I get this too occasionally. Report it as a bug because I know how annoying it is.

In that picture your actually slightly below glideslope.

Experimented on it.
On wide-bodies, the plane spiked up.

More weirdly, on Narrow-bodies, the plane spikes DOWN!!!

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At final approach speed 130-145 it does it too.
Also I don’t think he’s at 180kts

Yup. Same thing happens to me. iPad Air iOS 9.3.3

I think this is an issue with iOS devices. It would be great if you could look into this FDS! Thanks in advance!

It usually spikes up if it isn’t appropriate align with the ILS so it would try to climb up to align itself. This happens you if activate APPR between 5 to 1 nautical miles from the runway without having the proper altitude.

Auto land should be engaged once your airplane picks up the ILS signal from the runway. Preferably where the red triangle starts. Also you want to check the real airports approach chart to find out what altitude you have to be to pick up the signal.

E.G. : In the approach chart for YSSY runway 16R. When intercepting the ILS you should be at a altitude of 3’000 feet.

If your still having problems, check your weight load and that’s balanced. Another step that you could take to help. It’s to recalibrate before activating the APPR.

Note : Make sure to have the appropriate approach speed for your aircraft.

E.G. : 787 approach speed is 155-160knots and for final it’s 140-150 being under the maximum landing weight.

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It only spikes up when you go from replay to live, and everything was aligned when I clicked live. It still did it

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