Auto-land go around

I was on final into TPA during the hurricane flying Delta 490 - A319 and the auto-land did a complete go around and subsequent landing> Did not know that existed. ! A+ Infinite Flight !


There is no friggin’ way you’re telling the truth… or have i missed something?


So the plane throttled up, climbed, entered the cross wind, the downwind, base and then final and landed?


I think I have heard of this you have to have APPR on you still have to do your speed but it should take you around and then land

Have I missed something? That’s possible?


I’m thinking the same! I have never seen or known of APPR being able to do a complete go around 🤔🤔


Sir I do. It believe that is actually possible. Please don’t waste our time. What is the point of this topic?


All ive been told my whole life has been a lie if this is true maybe I’m exaggerating ;) but seriously this would be revolutionary if this is true

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I would love to see proof that APPR can actually do this.

Them maybe consider re-enacting this yourself?

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What do I need to announce a go around and the AutoLand automatically does it? Or do I have to fly into KNUC and wait for an A380 to swerve infront of me. Or do I have to disable the Auto Land, do a go arou… oh wait.


I’m intrigued by all this, I’m gonna go and experiment 😀

Simulate the conditions and record a small clip of this. I don’t believe that’s even possible!

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Me attempting on solo 44 knots light turbulence no go around

Attempting again

Now with go around command got 250 exp on landing lol (2 minute flight) :) did not go around

Unfortunately, you can’t post videos onto the website which is a shame, I’ve done similar experiments as @Matthew_Harrison and have had the same results.

Umm… Are you sure that was Infinite Flight? Or are you sure that it wasn’t a dream?


😂😂 It must have been the later!

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You can post the video on YouTube then send the link here.

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What the OP telling is true; but it’s not necessarily a Go Around. What happens is that the ILS signal goes into reverse, making the APPR climb UP the ILS of the opposite runway. This usually happens when you’re coming wayyyyyyy to high over the runway. Give it a try - happened to me before :)