Auto land experiences

There are a few topics brewing already, but I thought I’d create one that just lets people talk about auto land itself without distracting from tutorials, bugs, and the other stuff out there.

To start with I just tried my second auto land. The first went horribly wrong - should have read the instructions first. I came in at an airport all set up to land thinking it was just a case of pushing the button and let it happen. Didn’t know I had to set the darn thing first. So right at the critical moment at 5 or so miles, I pushed the button and… my plane veered in a different direction gained altitude and just flew off God knows where. Maybe this is what happened to the missing airliner in the Indian Ocean.

Anyway, after a quick read of the posts I figured out you had to actually hold down the GPS ILS message at the bottom right of the screen to get all the runway landing options. Having set the desired runway in my pre take off sequence I was good to go. Came in at FL 3000 at about 140 knots, flaps at 25’ spoilers armed , brakes on- just in case lol. And at about 13 miles I lowered the gear (early, I know but hey, I was’t taking chances) and pushed the magic button.

EXCELLENT! It was a bit disconcerting though handing over control but all I remember thinking was how come
I can’t get such a perfect ILS landing?

Anyway great feature, will be using it heaps, now have a new favourite plane, and I can’t wait for the feature to roll out to all my birds.

Thanks guys!


i like the autoland too! what i dont understand is why the gps acts exactly like ils? i am verry sure it should be an diference somewhere, no? not an aviation person, so i might be wrong! if so, i am sorry!

It might seem that way, but they are very different. The GPS approach is just an imaginary line up of you and the runway, irrespective of terrain. So if you were to choose that in a mountainous area, you would probably end up smashing into a mountain. Hawaii is a great example. The ILS, on the other hand, will deliver you to the runway, clear of any mountains. I suggest getting used to ILS unless you are intending to land at an airport that doesn’t have it. Then you are pretty much on your own in terms of navigating mountains and the like.

Is it just me, or when you land using “auto land”, does it automatically apply the brakes immediately? I’ve only landed twice too and each time I swear it did.

If it did… I don’t think it should :\

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I tried it for the sake of it, and as I suspected would happen, got bored halfway down the approach. I don’t get why someone would pay, log in, and sit there and watch the game land for you?

It’s not realistic and shouldn’t be working on GPS approaches, but in IF its magic and ILS localisers have been installed on every single runway in the world. This not only just promotes pure laziness, and stops anyone developing skills, but is dangerous. People are going to follow a magic fake glideslope on a non ILS runway and go straight into terrain.

As soon as visibility drops, people are going to just hit autoland on the most convenient runway. Take Kahului in Hawaii for example. Runway 02 is the only ILS approach. Runway 05 is not an ILS approach, and now it’s magic fake IF glideslope goes straight through a mountain about 5000ft in altitude. If you don’t know the terrain and airport, you could be mistaken by setting the autoland on 05 just due to your current course, and go straight into a mountain. People won’t select the correct ILS approaches (which is why they are an ILS approach) and will fly for convenience and against all aviation rules straight into terrain…

I’ve noticed that once people are committed to a particular runway, they almost automatically fail to head ATC requests to go around or change runway or make 360’s.


Should get a violation for using APPR on live when visibility doesn’t warrant catIII conditions.

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I can land even smoother ;)

About the Autoland, I tried it in gusty conditions, and it didn’t work as well as expected. The plane was about to make its smooth landing, missed the ground, climbed a few feet, and finally slammed the ground at the second try.


Partially agree…

autoland is an features that even pilots in real life use it, alot! so its ok to have it! like devs said, the system have limitations so exactly like in real life, if u see the weather is too bad, or the aproach requiers manual descent, u can be in charge instantly!

I like autoland. I think one of its nicer benefits is that you can watch your landing from any camera angle in live, which is great for picture taking. Kudos to devs!

Can’t help but be a nerd… But never heard of FL 3000? FL 300 is 30000ft you don’t use FL below I think 10000 ft I could be wrong, but I get what you mean at 3,000 feet (:

@arrow it’s only used for CatIII ILS conditions. So it’s not that often at all in the scope of things. Probably less than 2% of all commercial landings.

Oh for gosh sakes, don’t be so pedantic! I was monkey-fingering a response as fast and best I could with fat German fingers on a tiny (G_d knows who this thing was designed for) device. You know dar_n well what I meant.

FL180 is the lowest altitude in which you use Flight Level (FL) phraseology. Below that you just use it like this:
16000ft = one six thousand
9000 = you know this one!

That’s what I said, read the last sentence…

I’ve just been practicing @ KNUC which currently has 1/4 SM visibility - so a perfect blind test for auto land and great opportunity to see the new fog effects. Firstly, as I was preparing in the airport, I could actually see the weather change and fog clearly rolled in almost shrouding my plane on the tarmac! Next the auto lands. Now I quite enjoy ILS approaches in this low visabilty where you only get to see the threshold of runway just before touchdown. It makes for a very exciting landing. However as KNUC doesn’t have ILS, this would have been a real challenge for me to manually land, 50/50 probably. However with autoland in GPS mode, it works great. As long as you’ve done the work to set up your landing approach correctly, it lands perfectly, pitching up just before touchdown & engaging the breaks.

Great fun!