Auto land doesnt work

Hey guys!! I was trying the autoland on the 350 and even with “low fuel” the plane was to heavy!! I dont know why. I set the appr fine just it had to be a bug. Just FYI thanks!

Make sure you don’t have to much passengers and cargo. Even with low fuel you might be to heavy


Did you check your other Weight&Balance settings or your load? You might have taken too many passengers and too much cargo.

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It’s not just fuel. Your plane should be below MLW or Max Landing Wright. As with all planes in IF, when you plan your flight make sure when you are about to land that with the estimated fuel load left, your passengers and cargo weight fall below MLW.

Ya I didn’t have any of that… no passengers or cargo

Could you maybe send us a recording to help us understand what exactly is happening? That would be very helpful!

Ok! I have one

I cant send it because of the file type

Upload it on Youtube and send us the link. :)

Ok. I did that.

Like everyone else said, you’ll have to check your aircraft’s weight. Don’t forget you need to be below 200 kts for APPR to be successfully engaged.

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Intercepting the localiser at an angle no greater than 30°

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I had no passengers or cargo. It was a “delivery” flight. I was at 200 exactly but the message said “aircraft is overweight”

Hi, for an autoland to work you need to do a few steps:

  • Firstly, in the map view, you need to select your destination airport, switch to the “runways” tab, select your arrival runway and click the “Set Nav1” button.
  • Then in the NAV menu in the virtual cockpit, make sure your source is set to “NAV 1” - it will be set to “GPS” by default.
  • Lastly, set your autopilot to a heading no more than 30° from runway heading, set your desired intercept altitude and press the APPR button. Now the plane should execute an autoland as usual.

Hope that helped, if not feel free to ask more questions. If you did all that and you are certain you were below MLW, then it most likely was a bug.



I did all that. The plane was just to heavy.

It looks to be a glitch yes, but the thing that gets me is the fact that you never tried to reactivate the appr

Ur right. I should have!!

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Hey guys!! I finally figured it out. On the 359 if you have the max pax and cargo WITHOUT any fuel you still are above max landing weight.

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Yeah it’s a heavy plane like the CRJs and the DC/MD planes

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