Auto land approach

I knew how to autoland but now with a few updates i cant figure out how do it all i know is set nav1 on the rwy and switch the from gps to nav1 i was flying in low visibility in india and i hand flew cause i dk how to do APPR again can someone explain?

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Once you do the steps that you mentioned above, you want to treat it like an ILS approach. When lining up with the runway you want to intercept the cone at 30° offset from runway heading.

Once you get close to establishing on the localizer, the line will move towards the center. That’s when you push the APPR button. This will disable LNAV and VNAV.

After that just let the plane do it’s thing but make sure you are adjusting speed and setting flaps and well as landing gear and spoilers.

Once you are about to land and you still want to auto land, keep APPR on but use your rudder to maintain center line.

APPR mode will enable your parking brakes upon touchdown but I recommend turning that off for a smooth slow down


Hi! You ideally want to use NAV1 as your source and fly an ILS approach if you’re using APPR. But you can do it with LNAV and VNAV too. Just make sure you’re within one dot of the localiser and glideslope otherwise your plane will start to swing wildly.

There’s a great tutorial available here:


Hey i watched this video before i created the topic but the controls are a bit different from 9 months ago

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Right thanks but where is the APPR button it was by NAV but that was months ago can u send a pic or something?

The APPR button is right next to LNAV and VNAV but only on aircraft that support it. If the aircraft doesn’t support APPR, the button will not appear.

Do you know where LNAV and VNAV is?

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Ok did it on a 777 so just to confirm i cant intercept more than 30° example at TNCM the max i can go is 70° or 130° right? Then 3000 feet under 200 knots set nav1 on runway and switch from gps to nav1 then activate APPR. Correct?

Actually with the new update, if you are using LNAV and want to switch to APPR, you can just push the APPR button and it will automatically switch from GPS to NAV1

I can turn it to appr but it is hard landing 😅😅

I will only do it with low visibility hand flying is superior :)

Ou ok fun and i cant be heavy right? Oof

You must be below max landing weight in order to enable it correct

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Oof well i will have to adjust to that thanks drummer ur very helpful :)

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is the angle aloud to be inline with the runway heading? for example a straight in approach?

You can do a straight in intercept if 20nm or greater away from the airport. That’s what ATC is allowed to vector you for but otherwise, I would offset it by no more than 30°

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Ah that makes sense

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