Auto Land (APPR) button relocation

When i was on approach to KSFO with a 737-800, I like to tap the heading button a bunch of times to be aligned more, but I tend to accidentally hit the APPR button and it messes up my approach by making my aircraft pull up dangerously fast. Then i have to go around. I think a good place would be above the autopilot perimeters rather than below.

Thank you.

Make sure to vote for your own feature. I don’t see this happening. But if this were to get more votes you’d have my vote.

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There’s no rule for this, not sure why people quote this all the time. It’s encouraged but not a rule.


Oh okay sorry Chris didn’t know.

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That definitely is not the way to intercept the localizer correctly.

The runway heading for 28R for example is 284 degrees. To intercept, fly inbound at a heading that is 30 degrees offset of runway heading so either heading 254 or heading 314, let’s use 254 for this example. Aim to intercept the localizer just before the end of the ILS cone seen on the map, at 3000ft.

  • Fly inbound with full autopilot active. Heading, Altitude and Speed. Heading should be 254, altitude at 3000 and speed at 180knts IAS (adjust speed as you go along).
  • Once you are at that heading, altitude, and speed headed for the end of the ILS cone; activate APPR mode. It will maintain that heading and altitude until you intercept the localizer.
  • Once you intercept the localizer it will maintain 3000ft until it intercepts the glideslope. Then once it intercepts the glideslope it will descend on it’s own.
  • Done

No need to tap things, manually fly or completely disengage autopilot.


What Trio said here was brilliant, but you could also take it a step further: fly the plane all the way to the runway and make a landing to be proud of ;)

I was just thinking the same thing. I want this to happen because after takeoff, I like to tap the heading button, but I am now often hitting the APPR button

If you tap the heading mode it disengaged though, why would you want to disengage it if you are at the correct heading to intercept?

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