Auto Land 737-800

Im sure this thread will cause some disagreement, But

Would there be any chance of adding this feature to the aircraft. I understand that people want to use this as a simulator, but like me im more of a casual player. I do you use auto land as it helps me enjoy using the app more.

Would this be at all possible, I understand that there is tutorials on how to do it, but some of us cant follow things to well

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We currently have autoland on the BBJ (as I’m sure @GHamsz knows). The devs have said that any aircraft that have it in real life, will get autoland as aircraft are reworked. Just wait for the 737 rework and autoland you shall receive :)


Only use it during a test when I’m texting while flying. 😱

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Shouldn’t this be in #features?

Personally, I enjoy landing the plane with my bare hands, I don’t use anything for indications, however had to learn a lot before that.

I personally don’t think it would be a good feature, since flying would be automated to the max, now that LNAV is here. It would encourage laziness.

Question: I’ve personally never been able to see how automated landing is more enjoyable, but that depends from person to person I guess. Why do You enjoy it though?


@Ignas04 I couldn’t agree more. There is no fun in flight a sim when they only thing you do manually is take off. Hand flying the aircraft down to the runway is a fun challenge IMO.


Oh yes, @TomAZ. Especially when there’s challenging weather conditions to toughen up Your landing. I’ve crashed multiple times while landing on live, however that just gives You experience.

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for me personally, if the plane has ILS equipped, i fly it on ILS down to 1000/500ft AGL, as i know many airlines in the real world use the same procedure, and i definitely fly it by hand if there is a crosswind or low vis, as it is much more fun. haven’t crashed on live so far though… touch wood

Quick note, next time this belongs in #features. I am sure APPR will be added when/if aircraft are redone in the future 🙂