I have a question…why don’t real world pilots use Auto heading while landing…It is so much easier…I mean I had to spend some real time to practice landing with only speed autopilot.

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Cus it’s less fun ;)

Despite computers being up to the job, I imagine it would put some off flying if they thought an algorithm was in control (landing the plane manually means that when the unexpected occurs, the pilots are instantly able to abort a landing and go around - the time taken to remove autopilot could make it too late).

Pilots are also trained to deal with the unexpected or be prepared for it, I doubt many would want to start using a different system when the current works just fine?- imagine being the first airline that missed something in their autopilot programme…you cant report issues after the event as easily as IF :p - law suits, compensation, drop in sales, cost of upgrading remaining planes, possibility of being tampered with/hacked/holes to be exploited by terrorists? - lots of issues :)

Will look forward to seeing a real pilots reply though! :p - as the above are my suggestions but by no means a definitive answer :)


ATC does not always allow to perform an Autoland (lot’s of reasons possible).

First of all, you need an ILS or MLS APPR to perform an Autoland.
There are lot’s of other stuff that you require to perform an Autoland. Every plane can’t perform an Autoland. Every airport does not have ILS/MLS approaches.


GPS approaches are available on every airport…

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To add to the question - do any airlines allowd autoland as a routine procedure? (Just interested to see if I was way out- as believed it was only a kind of last resort due to visibility?

What do you mean by GPS?

Ps: An A320 uses GPS for a VOR Approach. It still tunes the VOR as a Navaid but it uses GPS to align with the runway (to be more precise: FM POS = GPIRS+MIX IRS).

In IF, it is the alternative to ILS

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What do you mean by alternative?

Because pilot cannot only rely on automation, they need to keep their skills fresh. Besides, it’s more fun.

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I have never heard of something called “auto-heading”.
In real world manual landings are the most common. Pilots prefer landing manually since the Autoland system bumps the ground not very smoothly.

It also depends on your device and sensibility setting.
Smartphones might not be the most convenient; I’m using a full size iPad with sensibility set to Normal and I always land completely manually without any troubles.
Here’s a vid:

Remember that Authrottle/Autothust and the SPD in IF are pretty different things. Setting a speed for a landing doesn’t allow you to pull the throttles to idle once it’s required, making the whole scenario pretty unrealistic and dangerous.

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Why won’t atc allow for an auto land?

At approx 30 ft. I disengage speed autopilot and set thrusters to idle

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