Auto ghosting system on ATC Playground server

I personally experienced so many aircraft that not responding or contacting to Tower or Ground and they going to enter runway with out permission as a result I gonna have to instruct go around to other aircraft that trying to landing at the runway.

Therefore I got idea that if they ghosted by automatically when they entered with out permission or landing clearance it’s should make ATC’s job to much easier don’t you think so :) It’s should be better that if controller is able to ghost them by their hand but we shouldn’t able to unless we controlling advanced server with license.


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This is more or less a duplicate, please use the search function.

I have the same problem as you and sometimes they don’t go around when I tell them to I am trying really hard to pass and get into advanced

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My idea is to ghost automatically not manually or reporting.

Good luck:)
I want to take that test but my device is quite unstable sometimes so I can’t do it until get new device next year:(

I’ve already taken 2 lol

omg, i hate so much, when i ask to do 360, and, pilot like says do 360, but continue fly straight. that’s get me so pissed off. My idea was, that we need like admins, or smth like that, and we can report, so admins see, that didn’t follow instructions and ghosted. Or maybe ban for while, like for 3 hours, 24 hours from playground.

Yeah me too and
Good idea but you know there is just few advanced ATC and I’ve never seen it opereated 24/7 as like ATC Playground so don’t you think quite difficult to them to see since I’m quite sure many reports will be gone in a minute.

There’s a few things you can do.

Use the report function. Even though it says you don’t have the required standing it will ghost the user if three people report him/her. I think it was @rotate that mentioned that to me in the past.

Take a note of the username/callsign of persistent offenders and see if you can contact them through PM here. Ask them to be helpful or pass their details on to the IF mods.

Ignore them. I know one chap on ATC who just won’t interact with pilots who ignore instructions. Some seem to get a kick out of being repeatedly told to ‘please follow instructions’. So as annoying as they are, ignore them and they might naff off and annoy someone else instead.

Oh, I didn’t knew about it by the way if that aircraft is able to contact I have a hope that some other aircraft going to report them but if that ridiculous aircraft that controlled by annoying pilots not on my frequency I can’t report or send comands or whatever related to ATC I just I can see it going to crashing in to other aircraft I am try to avoid but if they don’t follow my instruction bad thing will occur.