Auto Gate Assignment at Arrival Airport

I’m not really sure if there is another post on this because I couldn’t find any.
I feel like this has to be a new feature because with the new buildings in the new 21.1 update, for me, it’s really hard to find a gate that fits me. (especially at busy airports) So, my idea is once you have your destination as your final way point, the game will automatically assign you a gate.

When you are spawning in a airport, on the map where you can choose your gate at your departure airport, it will be covered in red meaning either your plane is to large or the gate is already assigned.

That sentence may not made scene. If so, just ask below

I agree with this! And also it would be great if we can see gate numbers on the map!


Or even better, on the buildings 🤩


Yes but it might be hard to find the gate unless it is also on map!

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exactly. See what I mean?..

that is also a possible issue

Would be great if we have to gate numbers on the buildings then Ground could say Virgin 612 taxi to gate A12
And it would also show you a green dot on the map so you know what gate to go to


exactly my idea but I didn’t know how to explain. U said better then what I would have said.

Exactly well said that’s what we need!

Does anyone know if we have similar topic to this? I wanna know before i vote

I don’t think so…

I found this!

But 1 con would be IFATC would be controlling at crowded airports and they would be controlling too much they wouldn’t have time for gate assignments, love the idea tho!

I don’t think that would be a problem!

yea. That’s going to stress out the IFATC

It would. I’m not IFATC but airports are crowded.

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As someone who plans out their arrival gates pre departure, I’m going to give this a pass, sorry. I think it’s an interesting idea, but for those who are trying to be realistic, being told to taxi to like the southwest terminal if you’re in a Delta plane might not leave the best taste…

Unless I’m misinterpreting the feature request, if which I am do let me know.


Maybe they could design it where whatever livery your are in is coordinated to what terminal it has you taxi to and it will automatically bring up a gate that is open and fits your aircraft I don’t know if they could code this but it would work this would help reduce the strain on ATC for example DFW you’re in a American 737 and for the controller it brings up an open gate for example C2 you know so all atc has to do is press that so will be pretty much automated so that all he has to do is press the first gate that pops up in the system this will filter out any gates that are taken or gates that are too small or too large for the aircraft or gates that or not for that airline

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If anyone remembered during live stream for 21.1 they’ve encountered a problem just after landing: No parking space!
People kept spawning in to any available gates. This will be a problem when you plan your arrival gates in advance before departure.

So they said that this is an issue that will have to be addressed :)

Hopefully they’ll find a solution soon, then your feature idea will be a possibility.

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They could have a system where if you’re at a different airport in the airport is for like for example let’s say Dallas has 189 gates and they’re are currently 50 guys set to land and 139 guys on the ground it would automatically stop you from either spawning at that airport at least in the gate if you’re not a cargo aircraft End it would also stop you from getting a flight plan to that airport due to traffic so when you try to set your flight plan it would like have a message on your screen that says airport full due to traffic please wait until traffic is less or choose a different airport to land

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