Auto Fuel Calculation

So heres my request. When doing a flight you never really know how much fuel your going to need. So when logging your flight you have a “done” button and you click it then a screen pops up with how much fuel you will need(including extra). Then you can choose to set it yourself or let the game auto set it. What do yall think?

Use It’s amazing at fuel planning and has never let me down.


Adding to Joseph, you can use or aswell.


Yep use that too.

Here is the SimBrief tutorial.

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But wouldn’t be easier if you could have the same function in the game?

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It’d be nice but when most people use SimBrief they’re going to keep using SimBrief

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Personally, I prefer utilizing my outside resources 🤷🏼‍♂️


Some things to consider.

Everyone is going to have different needs. Some will be just basic fuel required from destination to arrival. On the other extreme will be those who precisely follow the fuel policy they’re subject too, be it US FAR121 Domestic/Flag, ICAO, EU-OPS, CASA and so on. That includes alternate fuel. Probably rarely planned for with IF flights, but tanker fuel might be difficult to address within the app.

Several concerns I can think of at the moment:

  • How will fuel needed be calculated? GCD or by your flightplan?
  • What flight level will it calculate for? Probably a simple solution with a dropdown or input box. But what if you’re step climbing through the flight?
  • What cruise speed will it calculate for? Again, probably a simple solution as above prompting for Mach, TAS or IAS (Dash-8-Q400).
  • Will it account for winds aloft?

The app knows the DOM of the aircraft plus whatever payload you add to the aircraft, so I think it’s safe to assume the fuel planner would account for weight of the aircraft.

What I’m getting at is how complex should this feature be if it were to exist in IF and how accurate can it be?


Or we can just use simbrief. Works great