Auto frequency change causes issues

Not sure if this belongs here or maybe in features or support so mods feel free to move if necessary.

The issue is around how automatic frequency switching in Live works and the scenario is the following. You get clearance from ground to taxi to the active runway. Upon arrival at the runway you switch to tower frequency to request takeoff clearance. But before getting that clearance the tower controller goes offline which causes an automatic switch back to ground. In order to announce your intent to takeoff you switch to the local Unicom only to be auto-switched BACK to ground a few seconds later so there’s no way to announce your takeoff. The algorithm should detect that you’ve manually selected a frequency and NOT switch you back to the active ground frequency (or whatever frequency you were auto-switched to).

Am I missing something? Can ground actually give takeoff clearance in this situation?

No, it’s switches you back to the other live frequency… You do have to change to unicom.

Yeah that’s what I figured. The problem is that the system switches you off of Unicom so quickly that you don’t have time to announce intentions. Maybe the devs will consider turning off the auto-switch feature in a future release if you actively select a different frequency.

Maybe, however, if tower announces controller change, just hold short, if not, hold short, take your time, switch to the proper frequency, and continue on:) When you rush mistakes will be made

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