Auto disconnect after finishing flight plan

This is kinda like the status thread but as global flight is nearly here I was wondering if there could be some sort of offline disconnect thing like say you have a flight plan or something and you stick to it. You are not gona be sat At your iPad for 5 hours so I was thinking when you get to the end of your flight plan it would time you out but keep you in the game but you wouldn’t be visible to ATC or other pilots.

Like when you get reported sort of thing but you would be still in a sort of afk mode as such. This way you can do your landing properly the next day.

This would only occur if you haven’t interacted with anything (camera angles, corse changes ect). Comment your options.

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What is the point?

Some people like to taxi to the gate with ATC, even start a new flight. I understand your point but why? It’s a little pointless…

But that’s my opinion :)

When yup go off the app you get timed out so it could be like that although if your device locks I’m sure it will automatically do that anyway

Phillipe already talked off something similar to this!

Here it is

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