Auto coordination

What does auto-coordination do and when should I use it? When should I not use it?

Hey! Auto coordination means that when tilting your device your rudder will me in coordination with your ailerons. It is only usable on the ground for Nosewheel steering. I would say it is for you to say when you want to use it.

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Thank you so much.

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You’re most welcome!

I use it alot in cross wind take off to keep centerline and takeoff because you’re adjusting in one direction then the other when nose up

I don’t agree here because the rudder should be keeping the centerline and the ailerons should be facing the wind…
Lets say there’s a Right Crosswind, ailerons should be turned to the right whereas rudder should be to the left.

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Whichever the wind, I’m turning one into the wind and opposite rudder

So you’re just overriding the purpose of Autocoordination but alright

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PERSONALLY its a really really bad experience.

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Auto coordination basically means that your aileron inputs also control the rudder.

Personally I wouldn’t recommend using it at all, as it’s almost impossible to takeoff and land even with the slightest crosswind component. The necessary rudder and aileron inputs required for a successful takeoff and landing in crosswind conditions cannot be achieved with auto coordination on.


It says on the screen where you select auto coordination that it will “automatically couple ailerons and rudder (on the ground only).”

The difference you notice first is that you can turn the aircraft on the ground by tilting your device left and right.

The disadvantage during take-off is that you cannot tilt your ailerons into the wind (upwind, which is standard practice) while your nose is on the ground, because it would cause you to turn away from the centerline (it turns the nosewheel at the same time).

However, I just verified with a number of take-offs and landings in the a330 with a 20kt cross wind and auto coordination on, that I could still use rudder just fine to counteract yaw caused by the crosswind.

I similarly found I could do the same with a 737 and same 20kt crosswind in the slightly earlier topic about takeoff yaw.

So auto coordination on is much less of a problem for crosswinds than I have previously assumed.

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