Hi, I always wondered what Auto-Coordination means and does. Can someone please explain? Thanks!πŸ™ƒ

It means if you tilt your device to the right/left, the ailerons and rudder will both move simultaneously.

Though, if you have it disabled, you can only use the rudder button to move the rudder and tilting your device will no longer control the rudder.
Consequently, the rudder and ailerons will no longer be coordinated and move simultaneously. :)


It means that if ticked - you can tilt the device to steer the airplane rather than having to use the rudder

Very useful to have off during crosswind landings in my opinion…


I’d prefer having then disconnected to keep it realistic, since irl the rudder and ailerons are not connected (I think)

thank you guys very much

Really? My crosswind landings improved significantly since I turned it off.
Seams like everyone has his own way…

Literally what i said.


πŸ˜‚ Ups, misread it, sorry

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