Auto Changing Altimeter

Imagine flying a 12 hour Long-Haul flight to land at an airport located at 10,000 feet MSL, with surrounding mountains at 11,500 feet MSL , without looking at charts prior to landing, and you descent to 10,000 feet thinking you will be 10,000 feet above land but in reality you just crashed because the altimeter, does not work in Infinite Flight, so now you flew for 12 hours without being able to perform one of your amazing BUTTER landings on that brand new Airbus A350-900. To this tragic and sad story there is a simple solution Auto Altimeter ™. What is that you maybe asking yourselves, well is very simple a system that, changes multiple times during your time once for the airport that you are departing from, and the other for the airport your landing at, so when your at the ground at 10,000 feet MSL, it show 0. That way next time you fly that 12hr Long Haul Flight on the new Airbus A350 you can perform your amazing butter BUdder landings

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I think there is a thing in the status bar that shows AGL Altitude, but it would be interesting if we could have that mode installed in the main altimeter. 👍🏻


You can always use the AGL readout also the radio altimeter will still use AGL. Other than that aircraft use MSL for altimeters.

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Isn’t this what the Altitude AGL on the bottom is meant for?


The altimeter, at least in larger planes such as commercial jets, allows them to show a more precise MSL, it does not allow them to show AGL. In the situation, you describe above, if you descended to 10000ft with the correct altimeter setting you would still be in a mountain, this is why there are charts. To measure AGL these planes have a radio altimeter, and this is usually shown somewhere on the PFD when the plane is close to the ground. As many others have said, you can view AGL in the bottom bar.

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