Auto-calibrate when disengaging autopilot

I think this might have happened to many of us. You’re on final and it’s time to take control of the airplane. You disengage the autopilot but you forgot to calibrate and the airplanes starts going in all directions, you might recover but some of us most likely crashed. My request is as soon as you disengage the autopilot the game auto calibrates for you. Hope it will be added in the game.

Why should you vote for this? Well in real life when the autopilot is disengaged there is no need to calibrate anything and the airplanes doesn’t starts going in all directions. If there is no need to calibrate in real life, why should we calibrate in IF.

Hmmmmm, I think it would be a nice to have. I certainly do agree with you.

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We can just calibrate very easily already. I can see a point to this, but the pros are overused by the cons, and it’s just not worth the effort in my opinion.


I edited my post and explained why it should be a feature in the game. Read it ;)

I tend to agree here, so long as the cons continue to outweigh the pros. You should always zero out your trim and recalibrate BEFORE disconnecting-if you make that part of your approach or landing “checklist” as it were, you should be fine. In addition, lately, I HAVE had some out of trim issues where the AP would be commanding nose down elevator for some reason-I need to do some more investigation on this-but recalibration usually does the trick right away.

I think perhaps a double tap somewhere to recalibrate at ANY TIME rather than swapping out into the pause menu might be what’s actually needed?

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