Auto-calculated V1,VR,V2

Hi all…have you guys experienced over speed take-off or not enough speed that your aircraft was unstable during roll up?

I would like to suggest an auto-calculated V1,VR and V2 on flight plan display. I guess this is very possible because take-off speed is depends on aircraft performance itself and weights which is payloads and fuel onboard. So, with this information the V1,Vr,V2 speed can be auto-calculated and make the take-off experience much more better.

In addition, a cockpit sound “rotate” during V2 would be a cool features too.


There is a way to do this but you have to buy a third party app Called in-flight assistant I do have it and use it and it works really well but it will cost you

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Does it do the V1 calculations for you, or it just calls it out at whatever speed you set?

Here is a link to In-Flight assistant, hope iyt helps.

Once you have loaded up and have your flaps set you can auto fill your V speeds

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or just use the JBU format in simbrief for free

I guess for in flight assistant we just set whatever speed we want right? Then voice audio will call out the V1,rotate and gear up.

Is the app named Simbrief?

No, it auto calculates for you depending on flaps weight and fuel

Ok thank you for information

I use the callouts by infinite flight assistant or whatever. Works wonders.

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