Auto braking

Hello I was wondering why auto breaking has not been added yet into the sim. It seem like a oddly apparent yet crucial feature that would immensely assist with landings. with out this i find my self using the rudder braking and mis aligning my self from center line after fighting 15 knt cross wind to get on center line

You can the feature request a vote. Hopefully that way it might catch the developers attention:

just did lets see how long it actually takes to be implemented

Greetings @kingk,

I wouldn’t get too excited over it as it may take some time. The developers are doing such a good job and they have their hands full I’d assume with this workload. Feature requests could potentially get looked at by devs when they need inspiration or ideas. When people vote, I would say it increases your chance of it being implemented because more people voted for it.


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Actually autobraking kind of got removed when they added the percentage braking on the rudder because no one uses the brake button for landing anymore. Back in the days you would turn on brakes in the air.


Please see the linked #features topic