Auto Approach


Hello all!

Just a quick speculation in how you might engage the auto approach! To my understanding in FSX you have certain things to auto approach such as Course selection, NAV/GPS, and of course the approach button. Seeing that Infinite Flight does not have this, do you have a guess on how to activate it. I would presume that it would be, in this order:

Contact ILS frequency (added into the game)
Maintain altitude and speed
Switch to NAV (added into game)
Engage auto approach (added into the game)
Glide down

Just my speculation that I thought I would share! Let me know what you guys think! Cheers!


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No not the case at all @AviationJunkie ! I was just wondering how it would be activated! I would only use it for low visibility. Never in my life would I use it when I’m perfectly capable of landing manually if the weather is good and all things permit! Cheers!