Auto approach

Has anyone been having trouble with auto approach, every time I use it I have everything setup for the final approach then the aircraft run short of the runway

What speeds are you flying at on short final?
What aircraft are you using?
Are you changing the speed just before touching down?

Make sure you’re doing everything correctly. This video will help: Auto Approach

We have two of the same problems in different topics. Could you state on which aircraft did you experience the problem with the APPR?

You can also share your replay through so we can better understand the issue.

When using APPR mode, make sure to set your VS to 0. If you don’t, it will HAVE to pitch down/up to what you set your vertical speed too. However, you do not need to worry about your altitude setting. It automatically descends for you. Depending on the aircraft, a good landing speed is 130-140 knots (for commercial airliners). Make sure you have all of these things in mind and you should be set.