Auto Approach Fill-In


My Idea:

My idea is that we have an implemented system to set approach patterns when arriving into the airport for realism. This would help new pilots when on approach to learn how to intercept and follow the real life patterns.

  • This is a good idea!
  • This sucks, i’ll pass.

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I think we don’t need this. Why don’t you just make a flight plan?

Or do you mean some else?

I mean as the automatic flight plan for real life procedures to reduce stress on finding approach patterns

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Maybe we could have this on select aircraft like APPR

Totally agree of this, i was hesitant when looking for Landing stake on Bogota , a bit scary. On that moment i just rely on feelings and my next aircraft on same destination

I know that ForeFlight has this capability to automatically add your approach of choice into your FPL, it’s a very nice feature especially for someone who is learning.

‘Approach patterns’ are varied and very different across locations and countries. This topic is essentially asking for prebuilt SID/STARs, and therefore it is a duplicate.