Authentication won't load

On my phone, the authentication won’t load.
I am running Android Lollipop
Moto E2 2015
Latest version of IF.
I have uninstalled and reinstalled, restarted my device, and nothing.

It’s just stuck on this page. I want to buy live but it isn’t working.


Try buying live from the infinite flight website.

Check your internet connection or wait few minutes.

Internet is fine.

Can’t I have gift cards

Where was Infinite Flight with that white screen installed from?
Using WiFi or cellular data network?
Is Freedom or LuckyPatcher installed or previously installed?
Is the device rooted?

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Installed from Google Play,
Never have had freedom or Lucky Patcher,
No rooted


So basically I click this Google button to log in, and then the white screen appears.

I know but for me, white screen is only a few seconds. If it’s longer, probably is problem with internet. How many RAM have your device?

1 gb of ram

Go to your Google play and see if Google or Google play services are updated.

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Just wait for a little while, the pop-up will come at times

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Okay @dush19 , so I waited on the white screen for 2 1/2 hours, and nothing happened

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And this is on my iPad. It happens right away. So it’s not my internet.
What do you guys think?

The problem is either the email or internet connection. Check if your devices connection.

My device is connected

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