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While flying IF global Live/Pro (whatever you want to call it.), I am currently experiencing two specific issues that I would like to address as well as potentially receive some form of answer or assistance in rectifying if the members of the community could/would be so kind in assisting with.

  1. During flights I often experience at the top where for instance [Weather, User Account, API Service, and the other two I cannot presently recall; perhaps Global Server and well… I give up trying to guess, that is short of firing up the SIM and checking.] Anyways, I experience a yellow ‘Caution’ type symbol adjacent to the User Account and it always states, “User Account verification error, if problem persists contact support”. Well I have finally arrived here to request assistance please and thank you all so very kindly.


  1. This… This problem is at its core the one that infuriates me almost 2 sometimes 3 times a day…

I’ll be on a decent length flight or maybe have made multiple landings at various airports and then I’ll go to the outside panoramic view, and almost always, the moment I go to spin the camera around the aircraft counter-clockwise the game will crash, all the data and xp from the flight I was in lost. I want to scream and if this wasn’t in my opinion the best Flight Simulator platform for Android I would certainly despite the financial investments just up, quit, and delete. However, I am entirely too loyal.


Again, A Massive Thank You to the community for your time and attention to my issue, may your flights be smooth and successful, and your New Years prosperous.



I have also experienced this problem…

It’s usually not anything that needs to be addressed in a hurry. And the text should probably be re-phrased.

Bottom line:
As long as it’s not there during multiple flights (sessions), no need to worry. This can happen if the connection to the instance is lost briefly, but it shouldn’t affect your flight in any way.

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While I realize it doesn’t have an effect on the outcome (gaining xp) it’s merely a hinderance. I am more concerned with the game crash and losing massive amounts of XP. my device is more than capable of handling the graphics output, I feel maybe it’s in the gui of the game maybe, I certainly am not aware as I’ve not asked any other users or inquired if anyone else too experiences this same issue.

Oh. I just realized i only replied to your number 1.

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First off. You don’t have to worry about this. The XP + flight time gets pushed on a regular basis during your flight. Every couple minutes or so.

When it comes to the crash issues you are experiencing. It would be good to know what device you are using.


Lenovo 10 Tab 4 2gb SD ram, 1 GB Video 16gb internal with a 30gb SD add-on storage. Over 25gb free, only use this for IF

As you posted on the other Forum members post, yes every app crashes, this however is a continuous problem not an isolated one. Now that I have learned that the XP+Flight Time is retained I am a bit less worried however I, much like I am sure other users are as well fly for the full experience. Nothing worse than being 30,000ft and then…

Also, while not a constant issue I might add that while autopilot is engaged, recently have noticed erratic climbs/descents and also a rare ability to follow the preset course established in the route planner.

I get what you’re saying and I realize this is recurring issue for you.

I’ll dig a little deeper regarding that device. Stand by

I will say this and then wait for the subsequent responses. While I was late to the Global party, I realize it is still very new and there will be bugs. I will forever remain loyal but addressing these issues perhaps may help the development team be aware.

Thank you, my apologies if I came off brash or sny, also much obliged and very much a huge thank you for the deeper troubleshooting inquiry.

No need to apology. I appreciate the clear-cut responses with the information required :)

What graphic settings do you use? Everything on high?

Yes, typically. However it is worth noting that anti-alias is disabled and have also had this issue with settings on medium.

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I am admittedly in order to find out if it is indeed my device or not considering a full system wipe. Just thought I’d make that information available.

However, I suppose I should’ve added this, not so keen to think that it is yes, indeed my device as I have literally and no exaggeration had this device 24 days in total.

Well, it should definitely be able to cope with Medium graphics and anti-aliasing off. Does the app crash fairly quick or if it after a couple of hours usually?

Also, have you tried a simple reinstall? I’m not an Android guy myself, i had an unfortunate relationship with a Lenovo tablet a few years back which killed it for me (oh yes, the irony of that in light of this topic. Haha).

But, when i had issues with IF back then… a reinstall fixed 99% of it.

I have yet to try a reinstall, I will do it now just to cover all bases and if issues appears again, revisit this thread. Also it can vary really I was just maybe 25 minutes in a flight right before I came to the support forum and it had occurred. I also had most memorably a flight that was I honestly can’t remember specific time, but I really want to say 8 hours and it crashed. So… I suppose it would vary. Also, sorry for your unfortunate Lenovo experience, I am, myself a Galaxy loyalist, but the tablet I had wouldn’t even get the game to load past account verification despite multiple reinstallations, and even two device factory resets. I was to be honest astonished. I cannot go-to the dark side though (Apple) I mean everyone knows Samsung contributes majorly in a few ways to the iPad.

Schyllberg, though I certainly am very grateful for your assistance and attention to my issue. If you would like as it would definitely be an honor maybe send your callsign and we can link up for a flight sometime. Your cordial and determined demeanor has struck me as wanting to befriend and fly with you. I wish you the very best, a wonderful New Year, and again, should further assistance be required I will be sure to add to this thread.

-Graçias MI Amigo
Doug “diGduG-E”

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