Austrian Virtual Airlines

Hello! I’m planning on launching Austrian Virtual Airlines.
With a continental and regional-sufficient fleet in Infinite Flight, an Austrian Virtual Airlines would make a perfect addition to the Virtual Airline community.
I am aware that Lufthansa Virtual operates Austrian aircraft, but we are not looking to be run as a subsidiary, but as our own, independent organization!
Before I begin the process of forming the website, and recruitment, I am looking for someone, or multiple individuals, who would be willing to begin this VA with me. It would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you for your attention.

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Is your VA approved by the IFVARB?

Not yet, hence why we are requesting assistance in the development of proceeding with the IFVAB checklist for approval :)


Just bare this in mind, that doesn’t mean stop what your doing, just you might have to wait for IFVARB to reopen applications before you can apply and submit :)

I understand. We won’t be submitting anything until we’re ready and prepared, and the IFVARB is open for proposals.

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Once approved you can post in the #live:va category. Good luck with your application process.