Austrian VA

Does Austrian VA has been approved ? because when Im on the IFVARB website, their situation has been reviewed but they do not appear in the last approved. If someone is able to answer this, please tell me.


They have to be approved to fly as a VA on Infinite Flight. They can only post staff requests when being assessed.

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Austrian VA (OSVA) is a VA in approval process of IFVARB and the CEO is @soorajrajivekumar

Hopes this helps!


Thanks for the answer @Ethan_Lee1.
I know but on the IFVARB website Austrian VA has « been reviewed »

But it doesn’t appear as a New VA

The stage of the VA is being reviewed :)

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Hello there Austrian VA is not really thing right now so if u will like u can make

It is being reviewed and may be a VA in a few months.

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My bad I miss read, Being instead of Been.
Thanks @Ethan_Lee1

Yes but for now u may wanna wait for it

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No problem! Happy that I helped :)

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