Austrian Ski Trip - A320-232

Hi and welcome back to another collection of my Infinite Flight photos! It’s another short runway and difficult approach today, featuring the RNAV GNSS (though most of it was flown by hand) to Innsbruck Runway 08. The flight itself is a British Airways Airbus A320-232 from London Heathrow to Innsbruck, a popular winter ski destination. Nestled in the Alps in western Austria, it is located near the Swiss border and of course, as mentioned before, is renowned for its difficult approach to both 08 and 26. The winds favoured Runway 08 today, 100 deg at 7 knots, but right at the start I knew that 08 was going to be trouble but exciting since the approach path on the charts depicted a lot of turns, including the very steep 45 deg or more final turn. Enjoy!

Server: Training
Time: 1h 36min
Route: EGLL - LOWI

At the gate in London.

Lining up on Runway 27R. Cleared for takeoff!

V1. Rotate…

V2. Positive rate. Gear up. A slight crosswind…

Cruising above France and Switzerland…

Descending into Austria…

Starting the mountain approach. Gear down, flaps 3.

Final turn… Look at the mountains. There’s really no room for error, or we’ll end up crashing…

A safe landing on Runway 08 at 133 knots…

Welcome to the Austrian Ski Capital!

I hope you liked it! Thanks for reading!


Very nice photos! Look liked a nice flight over those mountains!

Of course! The approach couldn’t be misjudged, one false move and the 320 will end up in the mountains. I spent 30 minutes reading the charts before take-off… I’m very serious about this.

Welcome to Innsbruh. Hope you had a great flight 😊

It’s Innsbruck.

Great photos! What a nice airport.

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Brilliant pics!

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Brilliant pics!

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