Austrian Q400 - Innsbruck to Geneva

This is a low level flight from Innsbruck to Geneva - approx from 6:30am local to 7:10am local. Cruise was 14,000ft ASL and the journey was on Training Server on the 17th December 2020.

The Q400 on the apron at Innsbruck.

Takeoff from runway 26, a steep departure!

Climbing to cruise as the sun rises, approx 6:45am local.

At cruise over the Alps, nearly over Switzerland.

The sun has almost risen as I pass over Lake Geneva - 7:00am local.

On final approach at Geneva - runway 22 - 7:10am local.

Taxiing to the gate at about 7:15am local.

At the gate - 7:20am local


Sorry all for the dark photos - you should just be able to make them out!


Great pictures! I like the sunrise :)


Thanks! It’s only a short flight but some great scenery!

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Loved the sunrise pic! Nice :)) are you grade 3? If so, why you choose to fly on training if I may ask?

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Great question, I was grade 3 but received a level 3 violation, so am doing Training Server flights for the time being!

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