Austrian E195 Star Alliance livery

i like this livery

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Indeed it could! It flys at LOWI A lot so this will be really cool

Thanks! The amount of support this is getting is wonderful

Im at my vote limit. But this seems like a great livery

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cause it is a great livery lol


Amazing livery! Is this on the E190? Sadly, the E195 will be going away with the E170 shortly, following the release of the E190.

aren’t they going to eventually add the 170 and 195?

Nope, it’ll go away.


Oh okay, mods can close it then

I love this livery so much! Let me see if I can free up a vote for it!

Is this not a special livery?

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Thank you! But the sad part is that (according to Tyler) the E170 and E195 will be completely removed from the game :(

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That is a sad part!


What why will it be removed?

E195 is getting removed. E190 is the one being reworked

Yeah but what’s the point of removing it

Because there’s no point in keeping an outdated model for many years to come.

I would get it if nobody really flew the e170 and the e195 then yeah it’s understandable why they would remove it, I mean I don’t fly any of the erj’s at all but still is a shame that the e170 and the e195 is being removed.

Even though it’s getting removed here’s a bump

The black and white texture are soooooo gorgeous in my opinion. It suites all kind of aircraft. Would you like to request the E190 version? Since 195 will not be reworking.

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The E195 will not be reworked or added in the future. Thanks for your support and votes!