Austrian E195 Star Alliance livery

if i read the requirements for this category correctly this request should be allowed.

credit for image

Hi there,

While scrolling the flightradar24, I found this beautiful livery. I think it’s wonderful and should be added along with the E-Jet rework. It frequently operates to LOWI so it would be cool to see it. If this has already been requested, let me know. I appreciate every vote!


sorry if my grammar is really bad my brain isn’t responding (at the time of writing)

would be awesome to have this plane in IF 😊


thank you! i’m surprised no one else has requested it


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another bump cause this livery is awesome

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Since they are only releasing the 175/190 I don’t think this request would count. Maybe in the future when they make the 195 though this would definitely be a cool addition. I’ve been on this exact plane many times while very cool the seats were super slim 😬

oh lol I thought it was for all E-Jets

We can hope afterwards but I doubt it since variants such as the A350-1000 were never released. Infinite flight wanted to add just the 175/190 because they provide a broad spectrum of liveries. For example the 195 only has a handful of operators compared the 190 which has a lot more all over the world.

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nothing to see here

ooo i do like this livery…


Thank you!

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Very cool livery

Btw Austrian sceneries are very nice so this livery would be a great addition!


i like this livery

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Indeed it could! It flys at LOWI A lot so this will be really cool

Thanks! The amount of support this is getting is wonderful

Im at my vote limit. But this seems like a great livery

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