Austrian Debut!

I have to admit, I was overjoyed about this livery being added in the premiere video yesterday. The Austrian Airlines 777-200ER was the missing puzzle piece since the original release of the aircraft back in 2013! Now, with that livery being added in 20.1, It was time to fly it! After delivering the KLM 777-200ER into EHAM, I took to the skies once more with my very first regular scheduled new 777-200ER flight out of Vienna to Chicago O’hare! I have many good things to say about the quality of this magnificent machine including those wonderful engine sounds! (They are recordings of a PW4000 btw) I look so forward to the rework of the LR, LRF and the 300ER later on!

Taken at 10:35AM CST on the expert server in Chicago. Photo edited with Adobe Lightroom!


Beautiful shot of the new livery!

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