Austrian airlines trip report (LHR-VIE)

Hello, I’m going to give a flight review on Austrian airlines. Today I flew on OS462 from Heathrow to Vienna. First off all it started at Heathrow, we boarded at Gate A18 which was quick and efficient as I was sitting near it. I boarded the A320 (OE-LBL), which was painted in the new livery. Once on board I sat down in seat 3e which had a great view and good legroom. At around 15:40 we started pushback and had to wait for 10 minutes due to some traffic.

15 minutes after pushback we made our way to the runaway.

We departed from runaway 27L and it was a powerful departure. I’ve got a video of takeoff btw but it doesnt work when I try upload it. We made a sharp right turn and flew over north London and we hit a cruise altitude of 37000 feet. Onboard, the seats were grey slim but very comfy. Some snacks were handed out and it was between a wafer and some pretzels. The crew were very good and the flight itself was probably one of the best I’ve been on. On decent we flew overhead at vienna and made a sharp right turn over lake neuisedler (I dont know if its spelt right). On finals we hit a bit of turbulence but the pilots Buttered the landing and within 5 minutes, we disembarked. I’m now waiting for my connecting flight to Tirana on the A321.
Some more photos from today:)
If you ever need cheap flights, I think austrian is the airline for it. I paid 400 pound for a 3 week holiday to Albania and compare to other airlines which fly there, it’s a very good price. The seats are very comfy, the service is very good and the staff are always friendly.


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