Austrian Airlines Sieben Sieben Sieben

Austria is a nice country

I’ve been there, it’s very nice.
Today I went to a restaurant and they served me apfelstrudel :)
An Austrian food by the way.

I absolutely love Austrian Airline’s livery! ( it’s obvious when you see my profile pic closely)
So why not make a flight with it?

LOWW - NTAA 18:10 8854nm

Takeoff from Vienna

Tschüss Vienna!

Norway’s mountains

Yes there are some mountains in Norway in IF

Greenland without green

No green :(


Better watch out for planes with bandit masks
This landscape is beautiful!

The first sun rays

After a long night, we see light again.

Landed here due to obvious reasons

Almost everyone here wants to go to bora bora but it’s pretty obvious an 777 can’t land there.
(And a flight to Tahiti is way cheaper)
Still nice beaches tho.

Landing in Tahiti

Just a landing, or is it?

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I forget the flight info again 😩


Austria Plane 777

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Angry German noises in the back
Krankenwagen, Schmetterling, Kraftfahrzeug-Haftpflichtversicherung…
Man I hate and love my own language but the Austrian accent makes everything so much better, just like these pictures… Lovely! Picture #4 does it for me!


Gorgeous photos with quite a nice landing as well! I flew Austrian into Vienna over the summer, it was quite a nice flight and I enjoyed exploring Vienna very much… forgot the very few German words I’d learned by now 😢


It’s a good time to learn them again
It will just take you about 8 years lol


Angry German noises butterfly what lol


Krankenwagen = Ambulance
Kraftfahrzeug-Haftpflichtversicherung = Vehicle insurance :D

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Schmetterling lol
I know German btw


Now I want a 77W with butterflies on it and call it ‘Schmetterling Airlines’

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Oh! Thanks for telling me why butterfly lol
I should stop saying lol


First off all nice Pic‘s! Love our 772

Apfelstrudel is served in Austria and everyone believes that it comes from here, but not really. It’s coming from Boehmen.

Second you departure was from Runway 29 straight out! That’s forbidden in Vienna, therefore you can lose your License. Departure over Vienna as a no go!

And i would love to see Austrian is flying to Tahiti!

But nice Pics

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Oh thanks for telling me about the runway!
And I like the apfestrudel a lot and I already knew the fact that it’s not an Austrian food but my favorite is the Viennese apfelstrudel, tho thanks for telling me.
And thanks for liking my photos!


What an excellent work here , congrats mate

I took a lot of time into these photos.


Your welcome 😁

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How do you land so smoothly everytime?! Teach us your ways sir


Bro stopped WAY too fast…

Other than that, great pics and FANTASTIC landing

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I don’t butter all the time, my average is -50
Tho I have a tip, don’t idle over the ground.
Use auto throttle

That’s unrealistic though. When a pilot lands, they don’t try to grease it every time, they try to land with a safe amount of runway left. So not going idle is kinda unsafe