Austrian Airlines Retiring Some 767s, All A319s & Dash 8-400s Early

Austrian Airlines has announced its fleet update for after COVID-19.

By 2022, Austrian Airlines will retire the following aircraft:

  • 3 Boeing 767-300s (OE-LAT, OE-LAW and OE-LAX) leaving 3 in the fleet.
  • All 7 Airbus A319s
  • All 14 remaining Dash 8-400s (Already planned to be retired)

Previously, the 767s and A319s had no set retirement date, meaning they were originally planned to be in the fleet for several more years.

Austrian Airlines CCO Andreas Otto:

“We will part with the oldest and smallest aircraft, also for ecological reasons.”

Future demand for air travel:

  • This year, Austrian Airlines sees a 25-50% drop in overall demand.
  • By the end of 2021, Austrian Airlines expects demand to return to 75% of what it was before COVID-19 struck.
  • “Pre-corona levels” of air travel demand will return in 2023 at the earliest.

Austrian Airlines’ Future Fleet:

  • By retiring these 24 aircraft, Austrian Airlines expects to have a fleet of 60 aircraft by 2022.
  • This fleet will consist of 9 long-haul aircraft, which will likely be 6 Boeing 777-200s and 3 Boeing 767-300s.
  • By retiring these 24 older aircraft, Austrian’s average fleet age will decrease from 15.4 years to 14.6.

Austrian Airlines is expecting to receive 12 Airbus A320s, but this may be cancelled due to excess capacity.

If Austrian is planning to start the fleet in 2022 with just 9 long-haul aircraft, this doesn’t rule out a potential 787 for them as Lufthansa placed an order for 20 Boeing 787-9s last year. In the announcement, a Boeing 787 was featured in the Austrian Airlines livery.


Personally, if demand is able to return by 2023, Austrian Airlines could take delivery of a few 787s to replace the lost 767s and older 777s.

News Release/Image


787 by Lufthansa

Austrian 767:

Once again, another casualty of this crisis. Obviously, this is all subject to change depending on how long the effects of COVID-19 lasts.

Has anyone flown on these aircraft that are set to be retired?


I was supposed to fly the Austrian Dash 8 from Vienna to Prague after 2 days. Big rip ☹

Thanks for keeping us updated!

Unfortunately I haven’t, but I remember the Dash8s from Zurich and Lugano, when they flew wet-lease for SWISS a few years ago.

Dang, that’s pretty sad. I flew on OE-LAW from VIE-YYZ in 2018. It was one of the best trips I’ve ever taken. I hope I get to fly on one of their 767s again before they’re all retired.

Yeah, alot of aircraft retirement is happening beacause of COVID…
The 787 is such a nice aircraft, hope to see Austrian take some.

Sad to see the 767s go… I was actually supposed to be on an Austrian A319, one of their DH8Ds, and one of their 767 last week but it didn’t happen.

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