Austrian Airlines, Iberia, & Turkish Airlines Announce New Flights Into The U.S.

In the past 48 hours three airlines have announced three routes into the United States.

1. Austrian Airlines Announces Vienna To Boston:

This is the first time Boston has received nonstop service into Vienna:

  • Flights will begin on March 29, 2020
  • It will initially be 4x weekly before increasing to 6x weekly mid-April.
  • Flights will be operated with the 767-300ER.
  • Flight will leave Vienna at 1:25 p.m. and arrives in Boston at 4:30 p.m.
  • It will leave Boston at 6:52 p.m. and arrives at Vienna International Airport at 8:25 a.m.

Additionally, I believe Austrian will be ending its Vienna to Miami route as it shuffles its network.

2. Iberia Resumes Madrid to Washington Dulles:

Beginning May 2, 2020, Iberia will fly from its hub in Madrid to Washington Dulles (IAD):

  • Flights will operate 5 times a week using the A330-300.


  • Increasing Madrid to Tokyo from 5x weekly to daily and upgauging to the A350.
  • Increasing flights to San Juan by 55% (going daily).
  • Los Angeles will receive the A350 in 2020

3. Turkish Airlines Resumes Newark After 25 Years

Turkish Airlines will launch daily flights from its hub in Istanbul to Newark (EWR):

  • Flights will be operated with the A330-300
  • The daily flight will launch on May 25, 2020 with the following schedule:


  • Turkish Airlines last served Istanbul to Newark in October 1994.
  • United Airlines briefly served this route in 2012/2013 with the 763.

It’s nice to see additional flights from foreign carriers into the United States. Are any of you planning to spot these inaugurals?


Sorry to be that guy.

However I really like the detail.

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Technically, I posted it before @Ishrion. But @Ishrion 's is better and more detailed. My bad

No one comes to Denver 😪


My opinion on the VIE-BOS route:

MAD-IAD sounds fantastic, great to see more direct flight to Washington, which is really growing in terms of touristic services!

Let’s see if they even get a gate at this time.

Glad to see Boston continue their growth, especially for Europe. Austrian Airlines serving a non-Star Alliance hub makes the destination pretty exceptional (right now, they only fly to Star Alliance hub airports in North America).

Boston now has a pretty solid presence of trans-Atlantic flights by Star Alliance. Austrian makes 9 of the daily trans-Atlantic flights offered by Star Alliance. Pretty cool!

Would love to get Brussels back in the mix. We’ve had this missing direct link for years since Sabena went under.


Have you seen what we get at Portland? Exactly, because we get nothing.

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I highly doubt that will happen soon, but that would be interesting.

The LH Group and Star Alliance presence is very big in Boston as you wrote and that’s only good for us costumers!

Everyone goes to Denver

No one comes to San Jose :(


I think because San Jose is smaller. But, I have to say, San Jose is an underrated airport. When I flew from there in August from SJC-JFK, it wasn’t that crowded. But it’s a very convenient airport for the Bay Area.

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Yeah but he was complaining about no one coming to Denver…a big airport

People always fly there. It’s popular. But no one flies to San Jose :(

New Orleans gets nothing for the city that it is!

And there are no A330-300 Turkish Airlines in the game. We can’t simulate it.

I live in Boston and I am really happy to hear this route be announced. I never thought this would be the next route to be added. Anyways I do not know how this flight will workout because we already get a BA a380, Lufthansa is upgrading to the A380 on the munich route, we also get a 747 from Lufthansa, two daily a340’s from swiss and Delta is expanding rapidly and is expected to pass MIA and IAD in european traffic. But I am so happy to see Boston expanding even bigger!!

Welcome back @future-pilot! Thanks for sharing!

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Those flights shouldn’t really be a factor. Vienna would be the furthest flight eastward in Europe from Boston (not counting Istanbul) which would provide passengers with easier connections to the Balkans and the rest of Eastern Europe.

Plus, they’ll be using a 767 which don’t have as many seats. It’s a perfect starter aircraft for the route.

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No one comes to Las Vegas 😪

I like this. Boston’s where the money’s at 💵

Nobody comes to Calgary or Edmonton, it just goes straight to TORONTO!!! (No offense to you Toronto people’s)

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