Austrian Airlines E195

To be tied up with the E-jet rework here: Embraer E-jets Rework

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The livery is also a beauty!

About Austrian Airlines

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Austrian Airlines AG sometimes shortened to Austrian, is the flag carrier of Austria and a subsidiary of the Lufthansa Group The airline is headquartered on the grounds of Vienna International Airport in Schwechat where it also maintains its hub. As of July 2016, the airline flew to six domestic and more than 120 international year-round and seasonal destinations in 55 countries. The airline is a member of the Star Alliance

About The E195

Courtesy of Wikipedia

The E190/195 models are a larger stretch of the E170/175 models fitted with a new, larger wing, a larger horizontal stabilizer, two emergency overwing exits, and a new engine. The Embraer 190 is fitted with two underwing-mounted GE 34-8E-10 turbofan engines, rated at 82.29kN. The engines and engine nacelles are supplied by General Electric. The engines are equipped with full authority digital engine control (FADEC).

The fully redundant, computerized management system continuously optimizes the engine performance resulting in reduced fuel consumption and maintenance requirements. The aircraft carries 13,000kg of fuel and is fitted with a Parker Hannifin fuel system.

The E195 is a versatile aircraft currently used on short haul routes between Vienna and other small cities but can also be used on flights between large cities (eg.Millan).

The plane is fitted with a 2-2 abrest seating with 4 out of the 31 rows being Business class seats (Economy seat with next seat blocked off).

Austrian Airlines has 17 E195s in the fleet, which means that it is the third most amount of aircraft in the Austrian fleet after the Q400s and the A320

Technical info:

Manufacturer EMBRAER - Empresa Brasileira de Aeronáutica S.A., São José dos Campos, Brazil
Names - Austrian Airlines livery OE-LWA, OE-LWB, OE-LWC, OE-LWD (Central Europe), OE-LWE, OE-LWF, OE-LWG, OE-LWH, OE-LWI, OE-LWJ, OE-LWK, OE-LWL (City of Prague), OE-LWM, OE-LWN, OE-LWO (Wiener Johann Strauss Orchester), OE-LWP, OE-LWQ (Silent Night)
Engine 2 x General Electric CF34-10E
Maximum thrust 2 x 18,500 lbs
Maximum take-off weight 50,800 kg
Maximum landing weight 45,000 kg

Description of the Aircraft

Aircraft type Short-haul passenger aircraft
Number in the fleet 17
Seats 120
Maximum seat pitch Economy Class: 29" (73.6 cm)
Wingspan 28.7 m
Length 38.7 m
Height 10.6 m
Maximum speed 835 km/h
Maximum cruise altitude 12,500 m/41000 ft
Maximum range when loaded 2,140 km


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It’s a shame there wasn’t a request yet! It’s compulsory to have this and Air Dolomitis one if there will be a rework. I will free a vote!


It was always the plane I used the most, when flying to my grandparents in Krasnodar because Austrian was the only airline to operate flights to Europe, before they stopped. But because I flew it so often I really fell in love with it, after it replaced the Fokker 100. Nowadays it’s also the backbone of Austrians fleet, especially in this times

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Small bump! This would be awesome to see in IF

I really hope this beauty will find its way to IF. After those Q400 being retired, the E190 is the regional workhorse for Austrian.

This could be closed soon because of the removal and we dont know if it would come back

What kind of removal?

E195 got removed.

Yeah it got removed in the E190 update sadly

And is there a problem to use this Livery on E190?

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