Austrian Airlines B777-200ER New Livery

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Austrian Airlines B777-200ER - New Livery

Howdy everybody! This feature request is for the new livery on the Austrian Airlines B772. They first released this new livery in April 2018. This aircraft, OE-LPA, finished repainting in April 2019 at the Lufthansa Technik facility in Malta. Austrian expects their entire fleet to take seven years to repaint.

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About the Boeing 777:

I think that this livery would be great to have alongside the now old Austrian livery on the 777, once the rework is complete. It is a sleek and modern livery, and in my opinion, it looks really nice. It’s one of the few Eurowhite liveries that looks great.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and give this beaut a vote! 😄

I honestly don’t like the new livery…

I’d rather vote for the standard one.

But nice feature request!

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I definitely like the old livery, but I like this one too, and I actually like it better. I think it would be great to have both in IF since the 777 is getting reworked.

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Back on topic, I think both Austrian airlines old and new livery will be a great addition to Infinite flight on the 777.
I personally think that infinite flight is lacking of Austrian livery.
Great feature request, but I didn’t have a free vote for this.

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I’m actually kind of surprised, I thought this may have more support. Oh well! However, I do know that there’s a lot to vote for on this forum, so that can possibly be a reason why here haven’t been many votes. 🤔

Anyhow, I personally really enjoy the livery, and I’d still love to have it on the 777. After all, all of the Austrian 777’s will eventually get repainted into this new livery. Would definitely be nice to have the now old livery and this new livery when the rework shows up.

Although this request has been rather dormant, I’ll go ahead and bump it back up. I do honestly believe that this is a fantastic livery, and I’d love to see it on the 777-200ER after the 777 is reworked. Although many don’t like Eurowhite, I think that this actually looks pretty great.

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This is a really amazing livery! I will vote for this one! I am tired of flying this plane in the generic livery

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Thanks for the vote!

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To be honest, Austrian could have done better with this livery, but it looks somewhat interesting. Too bad I’m out of votes :(

Finger cross this can be added in the 777 rework

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