Austrian Airlines A321-200 LOWW-LOWI

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This post is about my flight from Vienna to Innsbruck. This is my first time flying A321-200 in Multiplayer. The flight is took 47 minutes & it’s very short flight. The cruise speed is mach 0.71. The approach is challenging because im flying circling approach runway 08 in Innsbruck & pretty challenging, especially turning to final. Here the flight details:

Flight Information:

Server: Expert
Aircraft: Airbus A321-200
Livery: Austrian Airlines
Altitude: FL300
Cruise Speed: Mach 0.71
Flight Time: 47 Minutes

Descending To Innsbruck (LOWI/INN)

At Parking Gate


Amazing shots!

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Thank You!

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no problem

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does Innsbruck have 3D buildings or will it come in 22.1 cause I saw one pic in a stream

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It will come in the future update.


Nice shots! Can’t wait for Innsbruck to get 3D buildings soon!

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It will get 3D buildings in the next update


I agree! I’ve also flown the circling approach a few times. I live near Innsbruck and once when I was in the car I was lucky that a Finnair A320 made the circling approach. Here’s the picture:


Wow nice one!

Cool pictures!

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