Austrian Airlines - A320 - OE-LBY (New Livery)


With the latest rework of the A320 Family and addition of even more liveries, I am requesting to add this beauty, the Austrian A320 in its new livery, which was actually released a few years back but we haven’t got it in IF.

Also the Austrian has 22 A320’s in use compared to 3 A321’s and 7 A319’s. With the A320 making up the bulk of the Austrian Airlines fleet with a total of 82 Planes. To find out more about Austrian Airlines Use this link (Austrian Airlines - Wikipedia)

If you like the looks of this livery on this plane please vote and maybe we can get it into IF! Also comment if you like the livery or you don’t.


I have always loved that Livery, let’s just see if I can find a vote for you.

Edit: I have just voted!

I would love to see that livery. You got my vote.

Thanks a lot for the vote and comment @Georges180305 @Gliding_Central, I also like the livery and how sleek it is.

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Just want to say thank you for the 6 Votes reached!

This is needed. Used to live in Austria and have flown on this aircraft regularly. Voted!

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Thanks for the vote!

Maybe this will make it into 20.2.

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I can’t vote right now
But consider this comment as a vote

Can’t believe this hasn’t been added as a livery, it would be a great addition! Given it my vote.