Austrian Airlines A320 (New New Livery)

Hey IF Community,

I would like to request this beautiful livery, as it would make a great and very important addition to the Austrian Airlines fleet. The A320 is the most used aircraft at Austrian Airlines and serves a very diverse network in Europe with a focus on eastern europe. As of today (5th of April 2021) 29 A320‘s are part of Austrian‘s fleet.

There does exist an older request for a now outdated livery: Austrian Airlines - A320 - OE-LBY (New Livery)

Below you’ll find a picture of the new A320 livery…

Source: OE-LBL Austrian Airlines Airbus A320-214 Photo by Hugo Schwarzer | ID 1026467 |

If you like viennese coffehouses, Mozart and the austrian charm, i suggest to vote for it :)

Hey I would love to see this too since Ahem I’m the CEO of the VA.

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That livery is different to what is in this thread. See the engine and part of the tailplane.

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Ok, I do see it, thought it was too close of a similarity to both be a thread.

Yeah I saw someone recently asking but I would like to see the latest livery in IF :) Maybe some of your VA-Pilots can support this request.


This would be a cool addition to the Austrian fleet!
And also because we only have like 4 liveries in IF 😂

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Has anyone of you tasted some great Sacher cake, if you have it is almost mandatory to vote for this beauty.

These days more and more AUA A320‘s are going back into service as passenger numbers are increasing again :)

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Source: OE-LBU Austrian Airlines Airbus A320-214 Photo by Michael Stappen | ID 1117584 |

Felt like I need to revive this topic a bit, I’d love this as it covers almost all of Austrians operations in europe and I love the new livery

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I don’t see the differnce between the first and the new liveries

Why did they adjust their old ‘new’ livery?