Austrian Airlines 787-9

Austrian Airlines 787-9


Why I didn’t see 787 in OS’s fleet before?

The company is modernising its long-haul fleet with 10 Boeing 787-9 aircraft. The first Dreamliner will arrive in 2024. Expected by 2028, nine additional Boeing 787-9s will replace the current long-haul jets from the 777 and 767 family.

Why do we need this livery in Infinite Flight?

We have only one Austrian Airlines wide body livery in IF, which is the 777-200ER that ready to retire, also an outdated A321 livery. I believe by adding this livery, pilots will be more actively to fly in Austria. Also, don’t you think she’s beautiful?

About Austrian Airlines

Their homebase airport in Schwechat, Wien

The Dreamliner

Love this plane, got my vote, I recommend to vote for your own feature request

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Thank you :-)

Just like for the A320 livery I of course voted! 5 will be ex-Hainan B789s that operate with LH at the moment, while 5 will be freshly built for AUA



Red and white is unbeatable.

Got my vote for this beauty

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You got my vote love the livery it’s so fire and cool!

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