Austrian airlines 777 issue

So The past few days that the 777 has been released has been amazing I love the aircraft. But for some reason my Austrian airlines 777 is a British airways livery with white engines, can someone help me out?

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So you want the 777 to be a different color?

Go to Infinite Flight on the App Store and make sure you’ve installed the hot fix, it may not be updated

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If you want a different color or airlines in the top right you can change it.

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The issue is that it’s on Austrian Airlines, but shows a weird mix between that and British Airways.

This is a known issue that devs are working on

This is a known issue mine is like this as well the new hot fixes have fixed most issues but for some people this is still a problem. I’m sure that IF will get this fixed very soon!

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Known issue, it’s fixed when the aircraft texture gets re-downloaded. You can fix it immediately by reinstalling the app, or waiting for the texture to be re-downloaded automatically.